Confrontation in the Glade

Dozzar was in better spirits but still slightly winded. “Did I scare you?”

“No, I heard you all the way back at the Dulgo tree.”

Dozzar was clearly a bit disappointed and then asked “Which one was that?”

“Which one was the Dulgo tree?! The one with strips of blue bark and long curled foliage 50 meters back. How did you miss that?” Dozzar just shrugged in response. 

Ayla looked away to check that Biltix was still there. Despite the audio shield bing up she whispered, “I don’t know why I bring you along for things like this.”  

“I’ve got you beat there, I don’t know what the point of whatever this thing we are doing is.” Dozzar replied.

Ayla could hardly believe what she was hearing, “You are such a Dwarf. I told you when we left our barracks. Biltix has been sneaking out after curfew. This time he will get caught and I want to see to it.”

“Well yeah, but aren’t we sneaking out after curfew?” There were several moments of silence after Dozzar asked this question. 

Ayla wasn’t prepared for such a huge hole in her plan to be made apparent by Dozzar. She stuttered for a moment searching for the response that would buoy her faltering logic, “Well…he…he…he was clearly the…original rule breaker, and we had no choice but to go after him as quickly as possible.” Satisfied with her answer she turned her attention back to Biltix.  

“You drug me out of bed yelling something about an emergency. I had no choice. Couldn’t you have just alerted Stoneblood?” 

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Hunting in the Dark

“Wait up!” was all Dozzar had enough breath to say. The young dwarf simply wasn’t built for running uphill through a forest the way Ayla was.

“No, you hurry up! We can’t lose him again, and be quiet.” Ayla whispered furiously. 

Winded and not entirely certain there was a point to their outing, he panted “You go on ahead. I’ll catch up.” 

Ayla stared back at him through the underbrush. Her expression softened slightly when she saw the exhaustion on his face. “Fine. But keep an eye out in case he doubles back.” Dozzar silently agreed before Ayla returned to her quick pace. 

Ayla continued to follow the winding trail through the forest for several minutes. Golden light from that shattered autumn moon filtered through the canopy and bathed the underbrush in dim shades of blue. Ayla’s eyes were keen and attuned to the slightest sign of her prey’s movement.

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