Live and Growing

"Do try this fun game with your family and friends. It’s pretty fast and takes the players on a fun adventure through a dungeon that is full of monsters and friends who are just as bad as the monsters." -Father Geek

We are live on Kickstarter and over 20% funded right now. It has been a crazy week with so many awesome things happening for Loot the Body. We've had a blast doing podcast interviews and being featured on videos. You can catch us this Wednesday night on the Dice Tower's Crowd Surfing show. 

We found out today that Casual Game Revolution selected us for their monthly Kickstarter top picks. Last week we received the Father Geek Seal of approval after being unanimously approved by reviewers in all gamer tiers. We continue to hear great feedback from reviewers and have ordered a new set of games to fulfill the many game review requests we have received. 

You can keep up with all of the action by following our Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you haven't jumped in as a backer, come on in the dungeon. The loot is to die for.