Character Bio: Lady Swyftaxe

The Lady hails from the southern continent of Ungar. The humid jungle of her homeland is widely known for the monstrous and dangerous creatures that dwell within. In a home where the first law is eat or be eaten, Lady Swyftaxe learned to defend herself from ferocious beasts at an early age. Several years ago an evil lich rose to power by harnessing the ancient magics he found in a forgotten temple deep in the heart of the jungle. The lich poisoned the great river, and shortly after, the minds of all who drank from it. As their minds began to decay the people of her home began to wander off into the jungle. Entire villages began to disappear as they fell under the sway of the wicked lich.

The tainted waters spread far through the lands before the wisest of those remaining traced the curse back to its source. Lady Swyftaxe was among the warriors that gathered from surrounding lands to stand up and fight against the lich. A small army of warriors, shaman, and outraged citizens marched out to the lich's temple. Once there, they found an army of their lost countrymen waiting for them. Each lost soul was a miserable and mindless servant to the lich. The brave resistance fought fiercely against their cursed brethren, but they were outnumbered from the start. Even crueler, every warrior that fell in the struggle rose back up as one of lich’s number.

The battle was utterly lost. Lady Swyftaxe was the last standing warrior. She stilled her rage in the last moments, waiting for the tide of death to overcome her. As she waited, the army parted and the lich walked slowly toward her. Death and decay wrapped around him like a magnificent robe. His eyes were bright, overflowing with madness. He called himself a king, and intended Lady Swyftaxe to be his queen, willing or not.

Lady Swyftaxe awoke within the temple. Servants of the lich had dressed her in a rotting ceremonial gown. Days passed and the strength of her mind began to fade. She found strength in the sound of a whisper that seemed to flow through the crumbling corridors. Each night the lich would call her to his supper to judge the state of her mind. He knew she would soon be his.

The lady found herself following the temple whispers late one evening. They led her to a long forgotten tomb deep within the catacombs below. There she found an intimidating axe of exquisite craftsmanship. The moment she grasped the dark wood handle her mind became clear. She took the axe and hid it in the dining hall. 

The next evening she feigned further madness as the lich drew close. With his back turned to her, she took hold of the axe and attacked with all her might. With a single blow his head was removed from his body. The essence of the lich became trapped within the ancient weapon. When he fell, so to did all of his servants. Each one freed from his unnatural control. Lady Swyftaxe was thankful the lich was destroyed, but her homeland was in ruins. She now journeys through various lands, looking to destroy evil before it takes root and always hoping to find a new place to call home.


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