Underleague: A fresh take on Strategy Card Games

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Underleague: A fresh take on Strategy Card Games

If you’ve had your eye on Kickstarter, you may have seen some of the new releases that came out this week. One of the newest offerings is a unique strategy card game called Underleague. We spent some time chatting with the designer Fergus Blair about what makes Underleague special. 

Underleague is the first publication from independent studio Cogwright Games. Fergus and his design team are based in London, England. They have spent the last 4 years putting together a very strong offering for anyone that has ever been interested in strategy card games. 

Fergus wanted to create a strategy card game that anyone could play right out of the box. Most strategy card games require what feels like a ‘lifestyle’ commitment. There press release sums it up nicely. 

The rules can be learned and taught quickly even by those with no experience playing card games, and the pre-built decks in the box provide a huge amount of replay-ability. Central to the game is a unique betting mechanic: as well as fighting your opponents’ creatures, you also have to predict which creatures will win and lose fights each round. This adds an additional layer of strategy to the game – you have to know when the smart play is to bet against yourself, and you need to think about how your bets will influence the other players’ decisions.

Most strategy card games rely on card mechanics to keep players interested. Overtime, the same mechanics can get old or predictable. That is why Wizards of the Coast consistently release new sets of cards for Magic the Gathering. They rely on new and interesting mechanics to keep players enticed and enjoying the game. Underleague takes a much more human approach. 

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The betting mechanic ensures that every game stays fresh and interesting. Winning isn’t just about who has the more powerful cards. The bets you place during the game affect how you and your opponents play the game. Gameplay is always fresh and exciting and you never have to buy an additional card or learn new rules. 

Underleague is live on Kickstarter now. We hope it funds because we can’t wait to play it. You can find out more on their campaign page or on twitter at @CogwrightGames