Game Designer Spotlight - Kung Pao Chicken

We wanted to start 2018 off with some fun, so we reached out to game designer Ta-Te Wu. Ta-Te has been a designer for over ten years. He has licensed several games in addition to multiple funded projects on Kickstarter. His newest game, Kung Pao Chicken, is a small social deduction game filled with energy and laughs. The campaign is at nearly 200% funded already. 


In Kung Pao Chicken, players take on the roles of foxes, chickens, and dogs, but they don't know what their role is. Role cards get stuck to foreheads so that you know your opponents role but not your own. Copious amounts of laughter occur once players begin to guess what their role is. All guesses are made by acting out the animal instead of simply stating what you think you may be.

Kung Pao Chicken is the first of several small games that will be released by designer Ta-Te Wu on Kickstarter. We spent some time talking in depth about his experience as a board game player and designer. Ta-Te shared the big lessons he has learned as a self publisher as well as what he believes makes Kung Pao Chicken so special. The complete interview is available below. 

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